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Family Love Village (FLV) is a community group based in Los Angeles, that is becoming a prominent model and support system for conscious families and caregivers. FLV organizes monthly gatherings to host guest speakers on educational topics that harmonize with FLV’s principles of conscious parenting through connection and eco-holistic living. Eco-friendly advocates weave these principles and timeless wisdom into topics on how to connect with our children and how to become sustainable families and practitioners of holistic wellness.

One of our main passions is bringing our EAKK! program (Eco-Art Kidz Kollectiv!) to music and arts festivals where families can experience an eco-interactive environment for our children. Here, they can discover and learn the value of recycling and reusing items, turning them into creative art projects that are fun and educational. Other interactive activities that we bring to events are Family Love Yoga, KinderMix DJ Party, our family parade, breakdancing, hula hooping, and much more!

FLV has been bringing our EAKK! program to festivals since 2010. We have collaborated with producers of events such as, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Green Festival Expo, Boogaloo Mountain Jam, LA Decompression, BEquinox, and It Takes a Village. As our FLV network grows, we are increasingly called upon to stir up some of the magical synergy we do our best to conjure up at these transformative festivals. We continue to evolve and create more elaborate sustainable projects while creating memories and future young ambassadors for our planet!

FLV is led by three amazing mamas - Tangee Veloso, Sonia Wike, and Eva Lea:

Tangee Veloso, Founder and Executive Director of Family Love Village, is an eco-mamapreneur, life coach, author, and speaker. Her commitment to bringing community together with the focus and awareness around conscious and sustainable living and compassionate parenting through connection has become an ever-evolving passion. She is in charge of booking talent, coordinating workshops, PR, pre-production for events, and hosting for FLV's local gatherings. Tangee also enjoys leading many of the workshops in our EAKK! program. She is also an experienced fire performer, spoken word artist, a loving mama to her son and a devoted ambassador of the concept with “being the change we wish to see in the world.”

Sonia Wike, an exceptional mom of three, is a trained teacher and art facilitator. She has worked at various elementary schools in Southern California, and is currently a Home School Teacher for Inspire Charter School. She is the Executive Director of FLV's wonderful art program, EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!). She collects trash and leftovers and transforms it into art! She leads the kids talent show at many events. She cares for all kids and guides them through the magic of our EAKK! adventure. Sonia's ability to connect with kids is truly remarkable. She engages with them like she does with her own children: with love, compassion and always with a smile.

Eva Lea was born, raised and educated in business in Argentina. A busy mom of two boys, Eva’s passion for non-violent communication, nutrition and parent education led her to connect with families, and become CFO and Executive Director of Family Love Village. She handles FLV logistics and does much of the pre and post event production. With nearly two decades of experience, Eva is an event producer, promoter and a speaker who also enjoys stage design and decor.

These three mammas keep it loving, keep it green, and keep it real!
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