Slumber Party Details and Registration

Part of being a conscious parent is remembering to take time for yourself. Parents need to rejuvenate and recharge the mind and body. That way when we offer our time, energy and devotion to our kids, we are more easily able to when we are able to get our needs met, as well.

On Saturday night, your children can join FLV for a slumber party, as you take the night off from parenting and enjoy the many offerings at One Love! Children 6 and up can join in a series of fun night time activities, before settling into sleep. In the morning, we’ll feed the kids a healthy breakfast and have them ready for you to pick up and enjoy your Sunday.

We will have several teachers and monitors on staff with a ratio that will not exceed 3:5.

The early part of the evening will include fun activities, such as:

  • Welcome Circle
  • Glow in the Dark Body Art
  • Dance Party & Freeze Dance
  • Bedtime books

Board Games and a Movie will be offered for those bigger kids who have a later bedtime. We’ll offer popcorn in the evening and we'll serve breakfast in the morning. If you would like to provide anything different, please leave it with instructions. However, we are unable to do any cooking or reheating. Also, if there are any allergies, please let us know.

All our caretakers are moms and individuals who practice conscious communication and mutual respect with children and one another. We thrive on keeping the children safe and happy.

We will cap the service at 15 children and we will have 3 caretakers.

The cost of the service is $65 for a 12-hour period from 8pm to 8am. Siblings pay $50.

Please contact Lindsey (Lucente) Austin if you have any questions:

Pre-registration is highly encouraged: Please send an email to:

Requirements to use this service:

  • This service will be provided on a first come first serve basis. The children must be 6 and up, as well as fully potty trained. Your child should have done a sleepover with friends before. You must stay with your child for at least 15 minutes when dropping them off so your child will get familiarized with our team. We will be there starting at 7:30pm for parent/child warm-up time. We will not take any child that is crying or doesn’t want to stay with us, so please make sure your child is prepared for the experience and is warmed up to the situation. If during the course of the evening, your child is inconsolable for an extended period of time, we’ll call you and ask you to come and comfort the child and respond to his or her needs.
  • Kids are asked to already be dressed in their pajamas along with a change of clothes. Please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, flashlight, toothbrush, jacket, an extra blanket, and any special small stuffed animal or book that they may need. There is limited space so we ask that your children’s belongings be compact so that all the children can sleep comfortably. It’s best if they have slip on shoes for any night-time bathroom trips. Kids will be walked back and forth to a private bathroom as needed and before bed.
  • The children must have dinner before being dropped off. You may also provide a bag with their name on it with water and/or any additional snacks that your child may want.
  • This service starts at 8pm and ends at 8am. Parents are asked to check in with us via text around 11pm or before going to sleep. Please enter our phone numbers into your phone. You must come to pick up your child promptly by 8am. Thank you.
  • You must keep a cell phone or a means of communication on you at all times while your child is in our care. The phone must be on vibrate and in contact with your body. If your phone runs out of battery, please come to check on your child right away.
  • For safety reasons, we will release the child to the parent or guardian who dropped off the child or a spouse with valid ID. Please do not send a friend or other family member.
    Even if the child knows that person and is willing to go with that person, we will decline until the parent or guardian arrives.
  • Please pick up on time! If you do not return at the designated ending time, you will be charged at the rate of $1 per minute that you are late or $30 per hour.
  • If you must use the overtime hour of service, out of respect for your child, please call our team to let us know. We will call you if your child is upset and unable to handle an additional hour of care.

Tips on How to Help Your Child When Being Dropped Off:

  • Talk to him/her explaining to your child ahead of time what is going to happen.
  • Spend time at FLV during the daytime activities on Friday and Saturday so your child can become familiar with the surroundings, as well as some of the facilitators.
  • If your child is feeling insecure about staying with us, make a plan of contingencies with him or her that works for your family. You are welcome to come by and visit your child at any time, as long as he/she is awake.
  • Make a book with drawings of how everything will happen. Children are more visual and this can help them to understand better what to expect when it’s an unknown situation.
  • Feed your child well. This is very important.
  • Arrive early! The best duration is from 30-45 minutes so that they can get adjusted and familiar with our team. During this time, play with your child so he/she feels connected with you and doesn’t feel anxious. Introduce yourself and your child to our team. Always say goodbye and please do not sneak out.
  • Please come back on time - especially since your child will be expecting you. Unless of course, if you are running late, have already contacted us and have agreed to the late fees, we can support him/her until your return. As a suggestion though, the trust between you and your child will be reinforced if you are on time and honor your word.

Download the and fill-up the Drop-Off form HERE and email it to: