Caleb Armstrong



Caleb has always been drawn to the Healing Arts, and began his studies at Florida School of Massage in 2008. More recently, he has been trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine through the Four WInds Society, where he learned about the ancient wisdom and Medicine of the Q'ero lineage in the Andes. He became a full mesa carrier in November, 2013. Additionally, Caleb has developed Galactic Healing abilities. He channels Light Language in forms of art symbols, hand mudras, Chants, Tones, and Medicine Songs. As an Empath, Caleb is able to connect deeply with others. This intuitively leads him to track stagnant, heavy energy, emotional pain, and physical imbalances. Through Ancient Shamanic alchemy and Galactic Healing, these wounds can be transmuted into power! Caleb has embodied the archetype of the wounded healer, and through is own profound healing transformation, he has discovered his life purpose, which is to support others as they too, courageously move through their wounds and into greater wellness. Caleb is a transgender/two-spirit Shaman and is a passionate ally for the LGBTQ Communities. He strives to create a safe space for everyone! It is his greatest joy to be of service.

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