Helen + Koko


Helen's Bio
Offering Tarot
As a young girl, Helen was very sensitive to her surroundings and at times felt isolated by the information she could pick up about people she was around. When she moved to Los Angeles she was introduced to Astrology. After learning many Astrological traits about herself (mainly that she was a Cancer Sun with a Pisces Moon), she had a better understanding of who she was. She quickly learned to transform her skills to absorb emotions and information from a personal burden to a way to heal others. Tarot fell into the mix shortly after and quickly became her main modality to help others. She is currently the in-house Tarot Reader at Wanderlust Hollywood.

Helen's Links: http://helenisthemoon.com + @helenisthemoon

Koko's Bio
Offering Sound Healing
Raised by the young trees of the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee, Koko was speaking the language of the streams and leaves fluently by the age of 16. Koko is a service oriented individual who knows the power of a smile and sincere conversation. Koko is constantly trying to fill up his cup with love so it will spill over to yours. Koko can be found around LA singing with trees, racing bicycles at one of two local velodromes, at the hardware store for his apartment renovation, hiking, daydreaming about farm-life, or maybe even up in a tree taking a nap.... classic.

Koko's Links: @kokosavell

Tarot Reading - A 15 minute tarot reading will be navigated by the Crowley-Thoth Tarot deck and fine tuned with astrology. Helen uses tarot as a life tool. Her intention with it is to bring you clarity so that you can confidently make free and willing choices for yourself.

Nervous System Tuning - Koko Savell is able to heal and tune nervous systems using a specifically designed tuning fork tuned to our bodies natural rhythm. By placing the tuning fork on bone points like the spine, crown, or third eye the body is coaxed back into natural resonance allowing for easy breathing or even deep sleep.

What sets Koko's tunings apart are the harmonies sung with the fork. In a 15 minute session you will receive a small introduction to sound healing and then a sound clearing by having a tuning fork placed on pre-discussed points on your body.

Tarot and Tuning - During this 20 minute session, Helen will work with you through a tarot reading then Koko will use the messages from the reading to tune your body at the appropriate points. This creates harmony between the spiritual body and the physical body, helping you better align with things that serve your highest good.