Hopi Ryder


Ozone Alchemy's Healing Lounge will be offering:
+Ozonated, mineralized, trivortexed, water station
+ Ozone/Oxygen facials
+ Massage table and body worker
+ Samples of epic raw organic pies
+ Samples of ozone oils
+ Chill lounge with healing gadgets
+ Ozone wands and light therapy

Hopi Ryder has been on a Wellness tour this past year throughout the U.S., Bali, Byron Bay Australia, and currently in Maui, Hawaii educating and empowering people at all stages of health with Activated Oxygen therapy. From cancer, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, dental & skin issues to Lyme’s disease… this amazing therapy has proven to truly work for many people she has shared it with.

Along this tour Hopi has produced and facilitated large wellness events, healing clinics and Ozone workshops. She also was featured on the New Earth Bali live stream panel alongside inspirational visionaries such as Michael Tellinger and broadcasted on Bay Fm in Australia. As a result she was able to reach a large audience as well as treat hundreds of people. The amount of positive responses that continue to unfold is fueling this world tour to get this simple and yet potent message out to all communities. Activated Oxygen is proven to have long lasting effective results!


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