Stephanie Bucklin


As a catalyst for change, Stephanie helps people transform their lives. Her coaching services are intended to guide you into self-healing, balancing energies, and releasing blocks that don’t serve your highest good. As Stephanie has expanded her consciousness, educated herself, and moved through her healing journey, she has honed her skills to
become a Self-Healing Specialist. Stephanie is inspiring sustainable lifestyles and global peace through radical loving kindness and intuitive guidance. She is actively writing her first book, The Art of Balance in a World of Chaos, which she hopes to publish in 2017. Her primary healing services include Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Private Yoga Instruction, and Transformation Coaching.

For this year's One Love Fest, Stephanie is co-creating a Healing Sanctuary Theme Camp! This theme camp will feature several modalities of Healing Practitioners, and will be offering their healing services to the One Love Community. Experiences you will find in the Healing Sanctuary Theme Camp... a Cuddle Pile, Sage Fairies (offering smudging), an Alter for prayer/meditation on Oneness, and much more!