Will Edmonson


Structural Energywork [SM] | - bodywork • advanced massage -

• Bodywork designed to address and resolve your physical body's exact needs in the moment.
• Techniques include swedish, shiatsu, acupressure, trigger point, myofascial, and original techniques delivered specifically for your body.
• Realigns joints, tissues and posture; relieves pain; restores energy flow.
• Positively effects health, mood, mental state, and can alleviate physical ailments.

Structural Energywork views the structural (physical) and energetic (non-phsyical) as a continuum - fundamentally not separate. Naturally then, this unique modality addresses the physical body with the intention of bringing harmony and resolution to the energetic experiences of emotion, nerve flow, trauma, attitude, sensation and awareness. A culmination of 14 years of private practice integrating independent study with mentors, academic study, and direct hands-on experience; every session is adapted uniquely to the precise needs of each client's body and circumstance.

Somatic Consulting [SM] | - body • mind • emotion • energy -

• Designed around your intention and needs at this phase/moment in your life.
• Utilizes inquiry, reflection, and refined intention to optimize the healing experience.
• Synergizes physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, energetic bodies.
• Consistent ongoing sessions create significant and lasting change both inwardly and outwardly.

Somatic Consulting views the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic “bodies” as all one system. This "inner world" is reflected in our outer world of relationships, career, finance, etc. Through an intention-oriented consultation, the client is guided through a process of dialogue and inquiry to identify the core intentions and inhibitions, drawing coherent threads between this rich and elaborate "inner world" and the realities present in their life.