Brigitte Charlotte


Brigitte Charlotte, a Los Angeles artist, has spent many years using her creative outlet as a tool to express her journey through deeply emotional and spiritual states. She creates in order to find balance. For her paintings, she captures imaginative and other worldly ideas. Her art attests to the importance of moods, emotions, and energetic relations in igniting thoughts, changing perceptions, creating chaos, forcing order upon that chaos, and enabling transformations. She works with multiple mediums with a central theme of dichotomy and harmony amidst the duality.

Her paintings and installations are often self-portraits, whether they are representational or symbolic. Themes of spirituality, psychoanalytic theory, and feminism are often confronted in her work as she moved through what was once an existential crisis to what is now a period of confidence and stability that is embraced and valued. This transcendent growth has been an integral part of her development as an artist.

She received her Bachelors in fine arts in 2013 from Loyola Marymount. Her primary medium is oils on canvas. Recently, she has been interested in exploring more installation work that integrates her painting. Her studio is located in Culver City, California.