CARO CARO & Rhadwood


Canadian/American artist Brad Rh∆dwood, aka The Wood Whisperer, uses traditional as well as innovative techniques to transform salvaged wood of all nature into paintings, installations, and various works of art. Allowing his unconscious to take the lead, Rhadwood listens for the stories the wood has to tell, using the knots and grains as his guides to create whimsical “wood spirits” – curious, sweet and sometimes “knotty” creatures that are clearly from some enchanted realm. He’s been “wood whispering” fir over ten years and continues to GrOw wherever the wood Angels guide him.

CARO CARO (Carolina Galleran) is an painter and muralist from Los Angeles, CA. She has studied throughout California as well as in Lima, Peru and graduated with a BFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2015. Carolina's paintings are fields of organic form and pattern that synthesize natural reality, representing a space that is entirely in the realm of human manipulation and influence but still affected by and existing in nature. The paintings are subjective landscapes/inscapes, an interpretation of environmental surroundings and a reflection of the interaction between nature and human nature, especially in the context of an urban environment. The two artists met at Burning Man in 2015 and have been collaborating and art travelling together since. Wood, warp and derp converging to create collaborative works of an ever expanding nature. They’ve shown and performed together at such festivals as Burning Man, Symbiosis, Shambhala, Envision, Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity and continue to share their gifts with the aim to inspire, activate and elevate via the healing power of art!