Corey Clark


Corey is a self-taught artist from Southern California. His creative journey began in 2014 when he discovered his passion and creative connection to painting. His intuition leads him to starting the practice of creating Mandalas. Through this process he has begun to learn more about his true self and utilizing his own intuition.

In 2016, he started being featured as a live painter at music festivals and private events around South California where continues to spread his message of creativity. He uses Mandalas as a symbol of transformation, harmony, and integration just as it has been seen as been throughout human history. The mandala has been practiced as a sacred art form and now Corey’s work brings that inspiration into present culture. He also incorporates a free flowing form of writing, which he calls Light Language. This language can be described as “alienesque” script channeled through his sub-conscious, intended to inspire human creativity.