Jef Logan


Residing in Las Vegas, jef has been making his way through his local as well as out of state art world by producing work that pierces through to audiences and crowds at various events and media.

Drawing since childhood, he has been a self taught artist. His style incorporates many visual layers that leave people pondering. His art is the creation of balance, color, proportion, movement, playful lines, texture, with a symbolic and dualistic nature.

“Something about the hectic yet wispy lines… leaves a heavy taste in the tongue.” – recent fan

"He lives life as an artiste.. not just thru his amazing pieces, but the things he says, the energy he brings the way he inspires & encourages. A true artist, not only can render life's beauty visually,.. but knows how to appreciate, live, breathe & reciprocate all of that beauty thru each moment of life whether internally (meditating, spiritual seeking, reiki) but externally by connecting with others. He has the ability to articulate ideas and pair it with something visual. He doesn't put filler words/captions.. and the titles enhance the beauty of everything. Everything he does, there's a reason & meaning."

"There are so many ways for people to interpret a moment which is why I leave it up to the observer to interpret my work in their own personal way. I've always been interested in things that stand out. Nature stands out to me, which is where I get my textured element. I love Japanese anime so my figures have a hint of that. And the graffiti scene was always a fascination I’ve had, even though I really wasn’t able to master it. So I just incorporate it. And last but most importantly, I have a dualistic nature. Bad and good, rough yet soft, masculine and feminine. I love to ponder, so I give my audience things to look for when I create.” - jef

Mediums: bic pen, graphite, charcoal, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, oils, air brush, spray paint

Facebook: jef.logan artiste
Instagram: jef_logan_artiste