John Moseley


John Moseley was born and raised in California, and has spent his life surrounded by nature in his native state, from the redwood forests to the southern coastline. These surroundings, along with extensive travels to beautiful and inspiring places around the world, have been influential to his subject matter and painting style. Largely a self-taught artist, John's talent and natural gift for art was recognized at an early age and nurtured through a lifetime of practice and study.

"People often ask me how long I've been an artist, and my answer is that I've always been an artist, my earliest memories are of me painting both the world I saw around me and scenes from my imagination. I knew from childhood that's what I'd be doing with my life.”

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For centuries the Divine Feminine has been downplayed, demeaned and removed from her place of honor and reverence by the dominant patriarchal culture. The Divine Feminine represents the supreme level of feminine expression and manifestation in the universe, the feminine in her fullest expression. The five main archetypes are Goddess, Queen (mother), Priestess, Warrioress and Lover.

As the Divine Feminine comes into her completeness, the emergence of the Sacred Masculine is equally important. He is in his true power and purpose as protector, stabilizer, and with his whole-hearted presence. Among the archetypes are God, King, Priest, Warrior, Lover and Sage.

These paintings are inspired by the current day emergence of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine in all of us.