Alex cruz


When it comes to dance music, Holland has been a leading producer of talent for over the last two decades. Up-and-coming, dance your soul clean deejay, Alex Cruz is establishing his place in the scene and picking up pace with every set. Listen up.

Born and based in Amsterdam and playing on big stages since 2008, Cruz knows how to hit the mark. Inspired by a life’s journey, his creations come from a meaningful place and touch the hearts of many. He takes us on a trip of deep and soulful techy mixes, layered with acoustic, percussive and vocal elements. Floor-filling hits like Ein Glucklicher Tag, his remix of Parachute by Jaymes Young and his unique 'Follow The Sun' and remixes like ‘Halo’ and ‘All I Knew’, create a fun signature style.

Cruz is producing and getting work released by big labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Cr2, Universal, Armada and Sony Music and many more.

His remix of Xavier Rudd’s ‘Follow The Sun’ will be released worldwide by Time / Universal Records in March 2016, and already reached the number 1 position on iTunes in countries like The Netherlands and Australia. Other countries are picking up the track so this will bring many new opportunities for Cruz in 2016.

Be sure to keep up with Alex’s work by following him on Soundcloud. Always fresh and energizing, from deep to tech to real house music, Alex cultivates timeless sets in which melodies are fully integrated. Alex’ introduction of his Monthly Podcast untitled ‘Deep & Sexy’, which begun in August 2013, has its fan base grown daily as everyone eagerly awaits an additional glimpse into the mind, the heart and the soul of this creator of musical magic. His Deep & Sexy podcasts reveal so much about his vision: where soft and gentle starts slowly move to melodic, deep and harmonious mid sections. At the end of which, the listener is enraptured with the journey Alex so beautifully created.

Cruz also enrolled this ‘Deep & Sexy’ into a Live Showcase. The first one took place in October 2015 in New York at Club Cielo and was a sold out event. In 2016 his Deep & Sexy Showcases will be held in more cities (NY, LA, San Francisco, Miami).

So stay tuned for the upcoming tour schedule of Alex in 2016. Having a residency in New York's Manhattan, playing for sir Richard Branson on his private British Virgin Island, playing a big Tour during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and other cities in Brazil (also for Nike), doing tours in the US, Europe and Asia and other worldwide bookings ahead (from Ibiza to Panama and from NYC to Sydney), you won’t be disappointed and you’re guaranteed to leave with the biggest smile and the warmest heart. Two trademarks of this remarkable artist.