Andrew Grant


“Purveyor of infectious music, and good times"

That is how Andrew describes himself as a DJ.. Never afraid to dive to deep, the music Andrew plays is never planned and is always chosen in the moment as a connected shared experience with his audience. Growing up in Los Angeles, Andrew developed a passion for music at an early age listening to everything from The Beach Boys to Wu Tang Clan… All of which have influenced his sound, both in how Andrew plays as a DJ and what he produces and writes.

He has toured extensively as a DJ as pioneer in the genera of open-format style under the name DJ Cobra, performing thousands of shows at clubs and events with residences in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Toronto, Cancun and Chicago to name a few.
In 2016 Andrew founded HIRD Music Group to serve as platform for showcasing new talent as well as his own original music. His sound is a fusion of many different genres resulting in a unique sound he calls “Post-EDM.”

“For me music is a very sacred art and I make sure that every song I create feels organic and fresh.” – Andrew Grant