Hailing from the depths of the industrial city of Juarez Mexico, Artur, a sunset driven desert revolutionary has enamored the southern California deep house/techno scene since early 2012. Based in LA and member of Akashic Records & Borderless Project, he continues to craft the rich tunes and beats venerable of a resplendent, nomadic lifestyle. He gained interest and impeccable taste in music through the influence of the all too famous Hard Pop and the ever growing popularity of the electronic music genre. His sets are dosed with vibrant electronica, cutting edge techno, and ethereal house with the sudden, magnetic rhythm of tribal house and riveting minimal. With his expertly poised taste in powerful tracks and a series of his own produced mixes, he has moved hundreds, from southwest desert parties, to upscale clubs and has opened for talent such as Balcazar & Sordo, Droog, Black Coffee, Raxon, Frank & Tony, Einmusik and Animal Picnic amongs others. A springing newcomer, Artur continues to shatter genre conveniency and inspires his own blend, enlivening crowds and resonating with them to levels rarely experienced.