Cesos is a native Angelino straight out of Historic West Adams, and the new kid in town with his budding DJ career. Growing up, he spent much of his free time alone, listening to his father's collection of vinyl records. When he wasn't transfixed by the dulcet tones emitting from the record player, his mother enrolled him in piano lessons. His all-consuming passion for music began here, at the tender age of 5.

As he grew his musical taste was greatly influenced by his exposure to classic and progressive rock. Whilst listening to John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, he became inspired to push his musical interests into percussion by beginning to play drums. He studied drummers from The Pointer Sisters and TV show In Living Color. Once he began high school he switched focus into marching percussion, studying at The Colburn School of Performing Arts: one of the most prestigious music programs in the nation. Cesos quickly rose through the ranks in drumline to Captain Head and Arranger for 4 different local high schools, in the process winning a multitude of 1st place awards. He later went on to become an assistant drum line coach in his free time as an adult at those vary same award winning schools, including Los Angeles High School. He never seems happier than when he was sharing with the next generation his love for rhythmic resonance.

Falling down a rabbit hole after discovering the musical talents of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, his biggest musical influence, Cesos began lusting after more and more ethereal and electronic music. He started going out more in pursuit of this new love affair, which is how he met the Dirty Beetles. The rag tag group of artists, musicians and lovable characters instantly welcomed him into the fold and encouraged him to express himself however he saw fit. He was inspired to become a DJ after attending a stellar show with The Black 22s, Nico Luminous, and Rafi el.

After working in the tech industry for over a decade he returned to his roots while simultaneously cresting into a new avenue of his musical career into electronic music. Cesos brings with him an uncompromising standard of musical excellence and quality, in addition to impeccable taste in a wide variety of genres. If you've ever spoken to one of Cesos' close friends they'll all tell you, "Cesos knows how to have fun!" This exclamation comes across in all his sets as he fades in and out of Trap, Nu-Disco, Drum & Bass, and Deep House. He somehow melds them into an exciting hybrid of sub-genres which echo the sensuality of contemporary R&B with the immediacy of modern dance music.