Christina Leorosa


Seeking musical inspiration from the deepest pockets of the international electronic scene, Christina Leorosa refines her sound by scouring the globe for the underground of the underground; the deep, dark, driving dance floors in both emerging and established cities across the globe.

Mysterious, sexy, hypnotic and weird, Christina Leorosa’s musical curation blends a myriad of soundscapes ranging from ethereal, spacey, and psychedelic melodies to provocative, pulsating, dirty bass lines.

Although a house and techno head to start, she glides effortlessly between genres in a constant search for a sound unique to the vibration of her musical soul. She is most at home exploring the full gamut of house, techno, breakbeats, and drum & bass.

Looking forward to 2017, the Los Angeles/San Francisco based DJ is focusing heavily on music production as well as on The Athena Collective, a worldwide networking and performance platform she founded to connect, empower and inspire women in the music industry.