Dat Phat


Datphat’s sexy, diverse sound that has been showcased in a rising number of venues across the San Diego area can be attributed to his love for a wide range of genres paired with an ear for melodies. Datphat began playing classical piano at age seven and throughout the following decade of his life, he discovered his major musical influences in classical, punk, ska, hip-hop, and R&B. Years later, house, dubstep, and bass music would play their part in shaping his musical stylings. With influences such as J. Dilla, Nujabes, J.S. Bach, Biggie Smalls, and Al Green, Datphat’s sound is as eclectic as it is seductive, amplified by his energetic stage presence. In any venue or setting, Datphat's provocative sound is sure to be an aural aphrodisiac for any music lover.