Ecstatic Dance LA


Ecstatic Dance LA is a weekly event that weaves together world class DJs, immersive sound journeys and free-form dance. It's a substance-free, all ages community celebration where you can simply BE yourself and experience
inspiration through human connection, dance & music.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to facilitate the regular practice of Ecstatic Dance in Los Angeles, while spreading awareness of the health benefits of its elements - (mindfulness, yoga, uplifting music & improvisational dance), and increasing Ecstatic Dance's accessibility to larger numbers of people across a diverse spectrum of communities locally and worldwide.

Our intention:
We strive to hold a space where all people can raise their consciousness through dance. Through the mediums of music, movement, and intention we build a community centered in celebration of the 'good things in life': banging beats, beautiful people (inside and out), play, healthy food, yoga, dance, healing touch & sound, sacred space, and silliness.