Elisa Rose


Elisa Rose is a singer songwriter who beckons listeners into her inner landscape with tenderness, warmth and a honey toned, sultry voice. Her signature sound follows in the path of her alternative lifestyle, traversing the worlds of folk, soul, devotional, ambient and electronic music. The resulting listening experience is one of immersion, where lyricism trail blazes through themes of love, lust and the spiritual journey and is backed by intricately designed lush instrumental arrangements. A multi-instrumentalist, Elisa utilizes acoustic guitar, keyboard and her voice to craft her sound. To record both her EP, Emergence, and her upcoming LP, Breath & Bones, she teamed up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Oliwa~. Together they forged a sound that is rich with vocal layers, acoustic instrumentation, synthesizers, organic textures and ambient beats. A student of many schools, Elisa’s upbringing and mentality have consistently registered outside the mainstream — from being raised by revolutionary parents on a commune in Ojai California to attaining status as a Kirtan Wallah and studying Indian classical music on the banks of the Ganges. A true lover of humanity and an avid seeker of self-knowledge, Elisa's music is imbued with messages of awakening and healing. She attributes the incantatory quality of her sound to her work with various plant medicine and shamanic traditions of the Americas.