EVeryman Pays Tribute to Pumpkin and Changes the Game on New Album Good Deeds

On his anticipated second album, Good Deeds, EVeryman has deftly followed up his breakthrough debut with thirteen scorching new tracks that find the versatile MC dropping his razor-sharp rhymes over a kaleidoscope of beats from some of the brightest producers in bass music. Good Deeds fuses the conscious “Golden Era” hip hop EVeryman was raised on with the future funk he now mixes up during his DJ sets, to create a collection of his most personal songs to date that will have you rocking with him from start to finish.

Good Deeds comes one year after the tragic and sudden passing of EVeryman’s best friend and Little Giants partner, Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado, and is dedicated in his honor. Executive producer Logan “Lowgritt” Gritton has joined with EVeryman and some of the finest beatsmiths who each contribute smoked-out BPMs that EVeryman effortlessly flows over with expert precision. On “Push It Along”, the thunderously funky first single from Good Deeds, EVeryman delivers some of his most ferocious lyrics yet over a propulsive beat from Squachek that will have both transformational festival crowds and hip hop aficionados throwing their hands in the air.

EVeryman is adapt at delivering compelling story-telling and on Good Deeds he takes aim at a broken political system and rallies the next generation to rise up while still mixing in plenty of the playful nostalgia, biting humor, deep thoughts and the unshakeable optimism that have captivated audiences around the world. From the moment the sublime opening prologue, “Good Deeds (Part I)” kicks off, it’s clear that this albums marks a sonic shift in EVeryman’s sound. The track pairs him with the enchanting vocals of Kat Factor, who serves as the album’s melodic muse as she appears an additional three tracks. Other stand-out features include notable guest verses from some of the City of Angel’s best underground MCs Like Joe Con. Canadian Rapper Emotionz, makes a guest appearance on the Dillaesque Beat "I'll Always Love H.E.R." by Toronto producer Fresh Kils. Jackson Whalan, Truth Now, Michael Wilbur and the late Sean Bryne, all drop thought provoking verses together for the song, "Five Wits".

Pumpkin’s presence is especially felt on “We’re Being Followed”, a previously unreleased instrumental track that EVeryman completed by adding some poignant vocal samples from Charlie Chaplin. It’s a a touching moment on Good Deeds and a reminder that Pumpkin had an ear for crafting memorable melodies like no other.

Good Deeds will be released on March 25, 2017 through Little Giant Acorn Records, which was set up by EVeryman as a way to continue to honor Pumpkin and a portion of all sales will go directly to help The Little Giant Acorn Foundation for The Arts, a non-profit that helps children get started in music or the performing arts who otherwise could not afford to do so.

The stunning album artwork comes from Sydwox, who painted a touching tribute piece entitled, “Pumpkin Forever”, that is the perfect visual accompaniment to the music on Good Deeds.

Having recently wrapped the sold-out Hearts of Funk Canadian Tour with Fort Knox Recording artist, QDup, you can get down with EVeryman as he embarks on his own Good Deeds tour throughout 2017. Armed with his live MC set up as well as fresh remixes from the album that are exclusive weapons for his beloved DJ sets, EVeryman is ready to change the game.

Get free music and see full tour dates at: facebook.com/EVeryman.music