Imagika Om


Imagika Om has been a sonic alchemist, music producer, & performer for nearly a decade. Her alluring musical tapestries have taken her around the world many times, uniting sounds that span the globe. Whether she is creating tracks full of earthy primal beats & cosmic layers sparking ancient remembrances, or live remixing & spontaneously activating the space with her potent blend of exotic world-fusion rhythms. Some of the ingredients to her unique sound include tantric temple trap, tribal percussion, shaktifed sound configurations, live mystical vocal invocations, deep dakini devotional dub omstep, & kundalini-raising bass.

Imagika started her relationship with music as a dance performer & performance ritualist & was inspired to start remixing, DJing, and producing music for these performances, co-creating with performance groups such as Lucent Dossier, Auracle, & Dream Circus, as well as DJing & performing solo at Coachella, Burning Man, Global Eclipse, Electric Picnic Festival, Xingolati, Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, Earthdance & more. She has released Cosmic Sutras through Merkaba Music, & has been focused on a new project to be revealed soon with an album release this fall.