The journey for Estonian artist, Kerli, began in the town of Elva. However, her odyssey would literally take her around the world in her pursuit of her artistic development.

After winning local and regional music contests as a young teen, Kerli made the move to Stockholm, Sweden and honed her craft as a song-writer and recording artist before gaining the attention of U.S. record label titan, Antonio (“L.A.”) Reid. L.A. Reid signed Kerli to a major label recording contact in 2006 and thus began a whirl-wind adventure for the girl who started life in a town of 5,000 who now found herself living and recording in New York and Los Angeles, creating songs for major theatrical releases by Hollywood’s biggest studios, and making guest-performances on national U.S. network television shows such as ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

As she matured, her ambitions evolved. In 2015, Kerli returned to Estonia; seeking to reconnect with the country and the land where she first found inspiration as a child. Living and writing music deep in the forest for nine months, Kerli sought solitude and the mythical tranquility that could only circulate throughout the lush forested landscapes amongst the animals and plants; tapping into the power of her bloodline and channeling the heartbeat of Estonia.

In 2016, Kerli released three independently released singles, Feral Hearts, Blossom, and Diamond Hard. While conveying deeply personal messages of individual transcendence, each single was directly inspired by her time in the forest and the videos each pay homage to central themes of Estonia.

Kerli is now readying material for her forthcoming album. Due to be released in 2017, the release will continue to be influenced by Estonia and reflect a perspective of someone who has spent a life-time discovering not only the world, but herself.