Matt Roman


Matt Roman plays music that orchestrates the changing feelings of day and night. In his sets he varies between the awake, grounded, and uplifting vibe of day and the ethereal, inner, deep sensation of night. He does so by mixing varieties of house (chill, disco, deep, tech) with vocal and tribal tracks based on what the space and the people call for. He always treats playing music as a two-way street; essential to him is the symbiotic relationship between the DJ and the listener. Respecting the notion that the music and the space are always in a state of flux, he never sticks to a strict set list, planning loosely and riding the wave. Born and raised in Chicago, he started DJing in his teens while growing up in the abundant house music and rave scene of the city. He plays regularly in Los Angeles, and has a residency at Wabi Sabi in Venice.