Samantha Ceora


I am what I am, I'm ever evolving, never stopping can't fathom a slowing of motion. Ignoring the masks people pay to have built, to hide themselves from sunlight, melting. Craving change inside out of steady notions. Laughter, love aspirations, light heart, counted down to earth. Ten to one then back again. Stepping up to standards, letting ignorance float by the waysides of waves as devotion. Ain't no thang baby do your thing. Retained glory to strive, the hustle, the fight, the game. we get what we wanted; chaos the heart that beats in order for us to survive this. Complete, whole entirely, soul sounds, sound souls. Won't go for denial, no fucking way. I face in fears in front of forever. Eternity's grace, thankful embrace. Turn my back on cowards, if you know truth you speak it. If you lose that you have nothing, kill the complex redundant circle we started. Above the falsified truths to live by, a choice, one chance to emulsify, incinerated blackened dust. Lies and lack of trust left to the past; collecting foolish memories. And samples of fabrics we have woven onward through dusk, semi-divided. So I am asked, praised through the flesh I live in. Seams to take the cake, by wire under fire over a thousand soldiers sewn in patches. I wonder why the meaning seems forgotten, do or do not, there is no try. I'd like to adopt it as my child to bear it's fruit upon the planet. And tattoo it's emotions, fears, beliefs it's everything; into the skin of it's founders..