Samuel J


Cornish brown singer-songwriter. Samuel J, is a vocalist, composer and producer. His unique talents and deep, conscious lyricism have helped him to establish a strong reputation with an ever-growing global fan base.

Samuel's incredible love and respect of nature and the sacredness of life shine through in his work, and reflects his song belief in the unifying power of music. Already he has toured and shared the stage with the likes of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Donovan Franknreiter, Zero 7, Alice Russell, Jurassic 5 and Marcelo D2.

In 2013 Samuel's music brought him to America, including performances at the Burning Man festival, as well as the Surf Lodge in New York, where he performed alongside G. Love and Donovan Frankeneriter. The past year, he was invited to perform at the Olympic and Paralympic games, as well as a special performance at the Daili Lama's birthday celebration in Los Angeles.

Samuel is now based in Los Angeles where he is recording new material. He is currently working on an album and international crowdfunding campaign, the 'Brasil Live Project', which aims to help underprivileged, aspiring musicians in low income areas of Brazil, sue out in 2015, before he ventures out to perform on the European and Brazilian music circuit later this year.