shining lion


Shamanic MC, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Shine Rilling is the founder and lead singer of Shining Lion, the ever-evolving, cross-over, conscious reggae group with a mission of liberation, love and Earth transformation. He is also the founder of the global transformational movement practice Peace Sticks and School of the Peaceful Ninja. Shining Lion is currently a Resident Artist with Full Circle Farm in Ojai, California , where he wrote and recorded the contents of his breakout album One Love Vibration, in which he has enrolled thousands of new fans with new songs like roots reggae inspired "Babylon Bonfiya" and "Reason Why They're Green" the proverbial hop-hop eco-anthem.

The Standing Rock Movement touched Shining Lion to the roots and inspired him and Ojai, California-based film makers Jordan Bloche and Jerad Hobaugh to create a music video for the song "Loving the Water (Standing Rock)" that Shining Lion wrote and performed at several ceremonies and Standing Rock Community support events. The music video has been shared and viewed over 150,000 times, and in the words of Jim Grey Wolf, a key organizer of the Standing Rock movement, the song came at the perfect time bringing new energy and hope the movement. "Water is Life" (featured on the One Love Vibration album) and this song, "Loving the Water (Standing Rock)", speaks to all waters, and the future of life on Mather Earth. To watch the "Water is Life (Standing Rock)" video, click here.

Shining Lion has been featured at the Lucidity Festival six years in succession which is an impressive run, sharing the stage with world-renowned counter-culture artist such as Ayla Nereo, Random Rab and Climbing Poetry. With Shining Lion's community-centered message, they continue to be a fan-favorite featured at the Lightening in a Bottle Festival for five seasons, as well as, BhaktiFest, ShaktiFest, Flow Festival (Hawaii), One Love Festival, Unify Festival, Symbiosis, Portal to the New Earth, Earth Day and many more!

Shining Lion events are more than concerts they are World Peace Ceremonies, fulling connecting to each being present and the ancient indigenous lineages. Peace Sticks Play is often combined with the music, to create a life force activating experience like no other. For more information on Peace Sticks click here.

Shine is an honors graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in Biology, and minors in Spanish, Philosophy, and Psychology. His love of surfing, music, healing, and world cultures led him to travel to over 13 countries, learning 5 languages, and training in Wisdom Lineages of Native American, African, Taoist, Amazonian, and Yogic. He uses his connection to nature, animals and plant medicine to channel his music, and share the healing power of the universe.

Shining Lion features an array of musicians and singers including his brother Buffalo, Oak Tree, Pako, Alaeika, and Shylah Ray, who is the vocalist featured on the One Love Vibration album. Juno Brown is also a collaborating vocalist for both live and in studio recordings for the upcoming album. Oliwa Newell is the legendary producer behind the ever-alluring beats on the One Love Vibration album.

Shining Lion is in the process of creating a series music videos and releasing new music in the Fall of 2017!