The Sophisticated Psychos


The Sophisticated Psychos are a New Age indie duo that combine the elements of early Hip-Hop with modern synth and live stringed instruments to create a very big cinematic sound experience. ​ Kyriaki, is the Poet, Songwriter and Co-Producer alongside Nicky Scorpio as the male Vocalist, Co-Producer and Songwriter of the album. Soon after relocating to Los Angeles, the two would link up with Arranger, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Stevie Blacke. After spending two and a half years in the studio, their journey begins with debut album “Take Us Home”! ​ The sound that this duo brings is groovy and fun while sending a message of positivity and transformation. The vision of the music is to celebrate the imperfect journey of life and to show the truth and connection that we all share. Lyrically, the message of The Sophisticated Psychos is that of community, self-love, and taking responsibility for our actions, being present in the moment and knowing true happiness. So what’s in it for the audience? Although Kyriaki and Nicky come from different backgrounds, they share a common interest; to show the world a message of unconditional love and compassion. Although their sound is very new, people have compared TSP to artists like Sting, Stevie Nicks and U2. Keywords include: Purpose, conscious, holistic living, and empowerment. ​ About the artists individually: KYRIAKI Coming out of the Detroit area, Kyriaki is the Grecian Goddess-Poet who speaks from a place of strength, purity and celebration of the divine feminine. Kyriaki holds the voice of reason, truth and innocence while being a role model for children and those who seek hope. ​ NICKY SCORPIO Growing up in the diverse city of Berkeley, CA, Nicky Scorpio is the voice of vulnerability and inner peace. Nicky's intention with his voice is to heal and encourage ethics, and self-awareness; to celebrate the beauty of imperfection.