Todd Spero


Todd Spero started life as a record junkie. Spending his free time crawling though record bins, working in record stores, and playing in bands with friends. In the early 90’s he discovered the growing underground electronic music scene booming out of the warehouses of Los Angeles and never looked back.

It was in the desert of a full moon party when it all came into focus. The community that was created out of dance music made him realize there was only one thing to do; Put his record collecting to use by DJing, throw events, and helping foster this growing movement of creativity.

He went on to start throwing his own desert events with some friends and this led to the formation of Insulin Music with Philip Evans and Zak Brown and others. They wound up getting a warehouse together and started throwing Techno orientated monthlies and still made time to throw the occasional desert event as well. This went on through 2001.

It was in 2000 that he first went to Burning Man and saw that a separate community, one outside of the strict dance music scene, was growing as well, in many of the same ways, but from a different direction. He was booked to play a group of friend’s camp (a rarity at the time) that first year and has played every year since. He would continue to throw and play at events out in the desert and mountains with this group of friends who were responsible for the original Dune desert parties in the 90’s.

In the Early 2000’s he started playing more and more. Including EDC, early incarnations of Lightning in a Bottle, and the Do Lab stage at Coachella while also becoming a resident of several other event crews that were around at the time.

In 2004 he saw his own first piece of vinyl released on John Selway’s Tension label, a remix of Jack You by the Responsible Space Playboys.

He was honored to be given the job of music director for the Integral Gathering, a renegade monthly New Moon Party in the desert, for a few years during this time. This, in a way, bought him back to why he started DJing in the first place.

It was also during this time that he teamed up with DJ Wolfie and others to help start the Los Angeles Decompression party and the formation of the Los Angeles chapter of Burning Man. He took the reins to make sure dance music was properly represented at the fledgling event, an event that wasn’t completely sold on how dance music fit with Burning Man, at the time. For 10 years he helped run the annual event as music director.

He continued throwing events and DJing with many crews around Los Angeles both in the Burner Dance music scene and the more traditional Los Angeles Dance music scene centered out of the Full Moon/New Moon parties that formed him. Among the highlights include playing Techno for a sea of people as far as the eye could see at the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Fransisco.

More recently he joined up with his old friend divaDanielle and has been throwing events for her Charlie the Unicorn art car, both on and off the playa.