Yoga Of Bass Feat. Claire Thompson


Yoga of Bass is Claire Thompson's dynamic and evolving project that merges music, movement and meditation into mainstage DJ/Yoga/Dance experiences. Claire's vibrant yoga asana, free movement, and deep stretch sequence, infused with humor and Buddhist wisdom, is skillfully paired in live collaboration with DJ sets from Global Bass DJ/producers such as Dessert Dwellers, David Starfire, FreQ Nasty, and Rhythmstar. The journey starts with ambient tones and musical meditation, building through cutting-edge downtempo dub as bass music, all the way up to full-on dancefloor ecstasy, and back down to a Bass-Heavy sound healing and sweet savasana.

Since 2010, festivals across the world have sought out Yoga of Bass to bridge their musing and wellness offerings, including U.S. festival Symbiosis, Lightning in an Bottle and Wanderlust, Canada's Shambhala and Astral Harvest, Glade Festival United Kingdom, Luminate New Zealand, Wonderfruit Thailand, and Australia's Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Wanderlust, and Subsonic. In Yoga of Bass, Claire brings together her 16 years of practice and study of the body through massage therapy, yoga, and dance, her 10 year study of Buddhism and meditation, and her love of music and singing background to create a unique experience of the body, breath and mind that is both lighthearted and deeply transformational.