Alorah Inanna


In 1988, ALORAH INANNA and her late husband, Michael Naumer, were introduced to the visionary medicine Ayahausca. The experience they had changed their lives forever.

It enabled them to create a Divine, Conscious Marriage. It enabled them to develop and lead a powerful, three day intensive called The Mind of Love which they taught to thousands of people from 1990 till Michael’s death in 2001. And it transformed ALORAH from a woman named Karen, to a Goddess named Christina, to ALORAH INANNA, The Goddess Alive.

Since that time – for more than 25 years - ALORAH has lived her life as an Emissary of the Goddess, bringing a Divine, Feminine Presence to all whom she meets.

Known for her authenticity, her sensuality, and her unique Goddess style, ALORAH calls us “Out of our story and into our Glory, connecting together as Mythic Divines.”

Her Mythic Love presentation is sure to be mentally stimulating, physically fulfilling and emotionally satisfying, because, as anyone who knows her knows, “She Brings the Fun!


BEYOND TANTRA – Love in the Mythic Dimension

In this powerful, interactive presentation, ALORAH INANNA invites us to “Step out of our Story and Into Our Glory” and connect with each other as Mythic Divines. Instead of searching for “The One”, she challenges us to see “the One” in all Ones, and be “the One” with all “Ones”, teaching 3 Basic Practices which create Instant Intimacy, Deep Love and Divine Recognition. Discover the magic of Going Mythic together, learn the Kiss of Peace, the Hug of Surrender and the Essence of Dance. Have fun, be One with each One, and embody the true spirit of the One Love Fest.