Brandi Veil


Brandi Veil, CNHP is a Transformational Speaker and Executive Mindset Coach. Founder of Millionaire Brain Yoga, TEDx and United Nations presenter, Brandi helps develop and empower consciousness through brain activations, mindset and goal setting.


Millionaire Brain Yoga helps you to activate your brain’s potential!

Brandi Veil will help you accelerate your highest desires using Yogi philosophy, neuroscience and mindset. We are living in a time where circumstances in our life may distract us from reaching our financial goals. This is your time to accelerate your desires through our wealth building workshop! MBY workshop attendees will have the opportunity to activate the portion of the brain that is responsible for wealth. “It is my purpose to help guide you towards a healthy relationship with money! Until, there is balance, harmony and excitement then there remains separation with wealth.” Says Brandi Veil The Experience Millionaire Brain Yoga “the experience” will help activate your brain's potential and enhance your wealth neurology through a series of brain entrainment activations. - Discussion: Understanding how the brain and the physical makeup of your thoughts create reality and how to entrain your brain through visioning. - Discover how your thoughts may be distracting you from achieving your highest desires. - Learn about the lineage of Lakshmi, Ganesha and the history of wealth building mantra Shree Brzee - Letting go of Fear (partner workshop): Experience an emotional clearing surrounding fears, lack and not enoughness surrounding your highest desire. - Awaken your brain with Super Brain Yoga movement and More.. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING... "Millionaire Brain Yoga has changed my life! Jewelry Designer, Starylyn Jimenez "Brandi is amazing, intelligent and has abundant Siddhu knowledge to take your manifesting psychic, and property powers to a whole new level!" Hypnotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Dharam Deep Singh "I love how Brandi has taken the discipline of Yoga and brought is power into the space of mental, emotional physical and spiritual creation." Author & Coach, Brooks Gibbs ABOUT MILLIONAIRE BRAIN YOGA Millionaire Brian Yoga is not your typical yoga practice; it is yoga for the brain using a blend of mindfulness, Yogi philosophy, and modern technology to activate the brain’s neurology, ease the poverty mind and positively transform the lives of its participants. Follow Brandi Veil on all the social channels under @BrandiVeil