Charis Melina Brown


Trained in conventional as well as new, innovative methods, Charis Melina Brown is a pillar of the New Golden Paradigm of grounded, embodied, relevant consciousness in the world today.

Combining ancient traditions with modern technology, Charis is dedicated to the path of "Ascension Through Deliciousness" in her work, whether individually or in group settings.

Born in California and raised in Virginia, Charis earned post graduate degrees in health and wellness, focusing on enhancing the current understanding of connecting the mind, body, and spirit in her field.

Simultaneously while studying at university, Charis received over a decade of training and experience in the esoteric and energy healing arts, including Reiki (she is a Reiki Master) and numerous shamanic world traditions.

Three months before graduating with a Ph.D., Charis walked away from a decade's worth of school, feeling the heart call to instead write memoir-style books, and gave birth to her Starseed Series.

A true Priestess in the modern age, Charis believes that the future of our human race will be determined by how effectively we as a people can connect to our spiritual source within, bringing the genius we each uniquely hold to this world.

She does not subscribe to any one religion - in fact, she encourages all paths and her work may be enfolded into any chosen path effectively, enhancing a person's connection with the unseen world that is a hallmark of human life and consciousness, as well as every spiritual tradition in the world.

Charis believes that not only is there a space for true, evolved spirituality in the modern world, but that the technological and human innovation advances happening in the world today demand a greater inner connection than ever before. Over time, she is of the opinion that our current technology will give way to spirit technology that will merge the mind, body, and soul connection in an entirely new way.

Charis teaches workshops, hosts retreats, guides online classes, leads a Goddess mentorship program, travels the world bringing new combinations of energy healing to the land, and does individual sessions on occasion.