Christa Galactica


Christa Galactica Loves to Create Festivals, Yoga, Ceremonies- And Galactivate! She’s the Heart behind The Love Long Beach Fest And Free Yoga on the Beach In Long Beach- Blessed! She shares her Magic Every chance she can Leading Yoga Galactivations, & Ceremonies- (Just put a mic in her hand!!) She’s a Writer/ Painter/ Poet and an MC as Well She’s created her own Merch line Which at Festivals she sells! She’s led Galactivations All Over the Place- Burningman Desert Hearts Kosmic Gardenz Space (haha) Lightning in a Bottle And Love Long Beach Fest Tropical Oasis Neo Tribal Gathering- YES! Good Vibe Tribe And Oregon Eclipse- Galactivating the Children With Symbiosis Creating CommUnity- We Build the Dream To Live In Oneness As Divine Beings! Namaste


Galactivated Yoga Church with Christa Galactica

Galactivated Yoga Church We’ll open with a Meditation Intending our Galactivation! As Our Body’s attuned to Our Highest Self State, The Inner Light we Activate ! Next, Yoga Fun- We Breathe and Dance With an Opened Body- Our Mind expands Into Great Spirit of the One- Then, Soundbath flows through like the Sun ! We Circle up-and Unify GALACTIVATE!!- Together fly! Mastermind- We’re Limitless Unified- We are now Pure Bliss! Aummmmmm