Harlan Emil Gruber


Harlan Emil Gruber merges his interests in art, design, and science into a unique body of work. After studying physics at Emory University and electrical engineering at Georgia Tech, he received a degree in Environmental Design from Parsons School of Design in 1985. He has produced a wide variety of art and design projects, culminating in the large-scale interactive Portal installations created for Burning Man since 2004. These installations have now traveled to many other events in the US and around the world. He is now focusing on the sacred re-inhabitation of Gaia based on his lifelong studies of Buckminster Fuller, Paolo Soleri and other visionary architects and thinkers: “Conceiving Future Environments”


Sacred Geometry and Earth Energies of the Portal Installations

An in depth presentation of the interactive “Portal” installations that have been exhibited at Burning Man and other festivals since 2004 by Harlan Emil Gruber. The Portal installations are “Evolutionary Interfaces”: through the use of sacred geometry, colors and sound vibrations, they act as an interface between the evolution of the Earth’s vibrational energy body and participant’s personal evolution. They can facilitate both a download of this evolution to participants and for participant’s to upload their evolution into the Earth’s evolving grid. This presentation covers the background and evolution of all the Portals. The golden ratio and the 5 platonic solids that are utilized in their designs will be described, plus animated 3d graphics will make clear more complex geometrical relationships, including the "structure of the vacuum" geometry discovered by physicist Nassim Haramein. It will be explained how the Portals incorporate the evolution of the Earth’s interactive energy body and relate to the human chakra system to assist in aligning participants multi-dimensional vibrational energy body to the Earth's evolving energy grid. The low frequency audio feedback device "Quasar Wave Transducer" that is inside of the Portals will be described as well. The ultimate goal of the Portals is to assist in the evolution of consciousness so that all of humanity will choose to live in sacred harmony and beauty with the Earth. http://www.transportals.org