Shaman Harry Paul & The Sophisticated Psychos Experience


Harry Paul’s journey is one made of many discoveries, experiences and above all, a path of absolute love.

Harry grew up on a ranch in New Mexico and then on an Indian reservation. This environment – based on complete openness and absence of judgment – allowed him to develop his senses and his spirit around one mission: love life and share that love.

While In the midst of a successful artistic career, as an actor and dancer, Harry realized that his soul’s purpose was to share his love for life and for all. He decided to study the dynamic laws of the universe and unveil its secrets. He traveled to Peru to study extensively with many shamans.

Harry spent an extensive period of time learning from various professionals how to channel his spiritual strength through ancient techniques. His gift allows him to bring body, mind and spirit in a state of total relaxation, and operate inside a state of absolute goodness, freed from the mind: Which he calls Living in the Sweet Spot.

Harry has lived a varied and multi-faceted life; he can relate to all human life experience. As a Shaman in Los Angeles, Harry offers access to the inner world of peace in the midst of the city and all its metropolitan concerns, providing a deep anchor and connection with the power of one’s own Infinite Potential.