Jami Deva


Music & event producer who explores the further reaches of rhythm inducing trance states, breakthrough breathwork, and the relationship of music, breath & movement.

A LifeStyle Design Mentor, Transformational Event Producer, ecstatic dance facilitator & Qigong practitioner.

His discography spans over 10 CDs of multiple genres and over 18 hours of state of the art binaural 432Hz soundscapes for meditation and healing.

Jami is co-founder of one of the most successful transformational events that has been touring the US for over 10 years, Qi Revolution. http://qirevolution.com

A Near Death Experience launched Jami into the Spirit realm over 20 years ago bringing him into the Quest for True Knowledge.

He shares tools with others to assist in bringing them into the vast expanse of their own Divinity through a solid autonomous connection with the True Source of All That Is.

He teaches about True Miracles and entering into a place within where one experiences the Miraculous unfolding in their life.

Personal Healing Music Website: http://devaproject.com