Jay Ponti


Jay Ponti is one of the nation’s top direct action grassroots organizers and the co-Creator of the #BankExit campaign to defund the Dakota Access Pipeline, which ignited divestment campaigns nationwide exceeding $5.6 Billion in personal and civic withdrawals from the big banks funding fossil fuels . He masterminded
#ClooneyCounterParty protest of money in politics which received world wide media attention, and has organized demonstrations for Jane Fonda, Dolores Huerta and many other world renowned visionary activists. He produced the #ClimateRevolution events in Los Angeles and at the 2016 DNC. Ponti was a core organizer of global meditation synch of 2012 and UN NGO committee member of United Nations Day of Peace & Ceasefire. Jay Ponti is also a top transformational meditation and performance coach, trained as a senior teacher of the kriya yoga meditation lineage of Mahavatar Babaji and served as aide-de-camp to Himalayan Master Yogiraj.


National Organizer & Transformational Leader

Visionary Leaders Workshop Strange times are upon us. Humanity has set upon an uncertain course, and there has never been a time it has been more important to call our selves forth to be prepared for the changes happening on the planet. Join us for the Visionary Leaders Workshop to discover pathways to uncovering and transforming the underlying beliefs keeping you from realizing your highest vision for your career, relationships, spiritual connection or how you make a difference in the world. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein flew in from out of state to participate in this training in 2014. This will not be just another talk, so get ready to roll up your sleeves. Attendees will participate in engaging exercises to discover the passions waiting to be made a reality. Whatever level of mastery you are at, this technology will allow you to take your game to the next level. In addition you will participate in a dynamic energetic earth peace meditation and you will also receive ancient meditation techniques from the Himalayas to overcome fear, anxiety, and awaken your true Jedi power. This training will be facilitated by Jay Ponti