Joise Keys


Josie Keys is a facilitator of Divine Feminine Embodiment and Igniter of the Flame of Mary Magdalene. She is deeply engaged in this rising wave of energy as it re-emerges on the Earth plane. Through the practice of Tantric Dance, and sacred union of the masculine and feminine, she helps shift the old paradigm of a shut down disconnected feminine, and grounds into our bodies the empowered, luscious, fertile expressions of God/Goddess that we are meant to be—beautiful manifestations of life force in human form.

Josie started on her path in 1999, when she first went to Burning Man, met a Tantric priest, Amma, and a Tantric Dance teacher all in the same year. She became a student of all three until she became a lineage holder when her teacher retired. A natural seeker, she left her native homeland Australia over 20 years ago. Josie has been a photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, yogini, 5 Rhythms dancer, urban shaman, intuitive astrologer and painter. Her connection to spirit became very clear once she found the bhakti path and became lovingly devoted to the Divine Mother in her many forms.



Mary Magdalene and Yeshua were Tantric partners. Do you want to engage with the magical energy of Divine Relationship? Sacred Union is holy, beautiful and profound. Discover how to connect love and sexuality in sacred space and truly know the Beloved. This is is an intimacy workshop with people in pairs either as couples or with a partner just for the workshop. Its not an overtly sexual workshop, there is no nudity although there is some sensual and sexual feeling aroused. Its emotionally intimate, and is about opening deeply to loving your partner as a divine expression of god or goddess.


Do you want to feel the incredible sweetness of your feminine being? Feel deeply empowered and yet fully compassionate? Break through any stagnation you might be feeling? Then its time to own the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you are. Experience yourself as The Goddess in the beautiful container of a circle of dancing women! Sacred Tantric dance is an ancient and modern meditative dance form which awakens the bodies natural authentic expression, wisdom, and ecstasy through Belly Dance technique and Tantric Breath. And its fun! All ages and body types welcome.