Jonathan Quintin


My interest in sacred geometry stems from my childhood fascination and adoration of the exquisite beauty and intrinsic order of natural forms, particularly things like pine cones, seashells, flower patterns etc. I was born and raised in New Zealand and fortunate to enjoy the natural beauty of that country. In my early teens I became interested in metaphysics, mysticism and ancient schools of initiation. I was a misfit at school and would take every opportunity to escape the classroom and wander the wilderness (the school was next to a mountain range). The great outdoors was my classroom and the wisdom of nature my teacher. Every day was a new adventure as I blazed my own trails of exploration. At the age of twenty-one I began my vast overseas travels and lived in different countries around the world. I was especially fascinated with ancient civilizations and their incredible structures such as pyramids, temples, monuments etc. and how they were designed to mirror aspects of universal order. I figured that if the architects of these amazing structures placed so much importance in geometric cosmology it was worth investigating. I spent five years with the United Nations Field Service living in the Middle East in countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. I loved visiting the ancient sites, most especially the pyramids in Egypt. In 1986 it became clear that sacred geometry and universal order was my life path so I resigned my position with the United Nations and have since spent the last 30 years in the study, experience and sharing of sacred geometry as a tool for higher consciousness. The world is rapidly changing and it can be quite difficult to know what is real and not real. Much of what you see is an illusion. It can be very comforting, therefore, to experience universal truths based on pure mathematical principles. The principles are encapsulated in the shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry. When we consciously engage with these geometries we open ourselves up to the greater whole and more of who we truly are. Jonathan Quintin Geometric Cosmology & Transcendental Art


Sacred Geometry

New Zealand artist and geometric cosmologist Jonathan Quintin takes the audience on an illuminating journey through inner space to reveal a profound and beautiful order that pervades the universe. Sacred Geometry exists independent of chaos, space and time. It even exists independent of (and prior to) creation itself… because creation is modeled upon it. We can benefit immensely when we avail ourselves of the treasures contained in the multi-dimensional field of sacred geometry. Certain shapes in sacred geometry have “math-magical” abilities: They illustrate universal truths and the inner workings of nature. They are cosmological programs that govern the processes of creation. They are fractals uniting microcosm with macrocosm. They can each contain a universe of perfectly-ordered geometric shapes & patterns. They can help attune our consciousness to the harmony of universal order. They can help us unlock our minds to a fuller potential. They can help set us free from the illusion of Maya. They are conduits to states of higher consciousness and self-awareness