Mariane Karou


Mariane Karou is the founder of Dance Alive®, a dynamic life training system that guides you into greater levels of aliveness and vitality through your whole body and your whole life! Mariane has been teaching movement for over 47 years! She is a master teacher, formative leader, and innovator and pioneer in the field of movement, somatic education, and life training.

Mariane is a FORCE OF NATURE - vibrant, inspired, dynamic and compassionate beyond measure. She is recognized as an expert in the field for stimulating creativity, clarity and balance throughout your whole life. Mariane's intelligence, coupled with her kind-hearted encouragement, and a keen sense of integrity, infuses all of her teachings.

She has led workshops with 1,000+ people, 14-day Intensives, In-depth Study Programs, Teacher Training Programs, Women’s, Men’s, and Co-ed Relating Groups, Workshops, and Private Coaching Sessions.

Mariane advocates for relationship and family unity as one of the keys to global harmony. She carries an unyielding sense of adventure wherever she goes. Mariane walks her talk, and lives and breathes the Dance Alive® System in everything she does, personally and professionally!



Dance Alive® “Ride The Wave” Class


Say Yes to Moving, Yes to Feeling, Yes to Breathing, Yes to Life!

With skillful guidance of a master teacher, you are led to awaken the life force that is within you and let your energy flow through you!

​Ride the Wave of motion that brings you into your heart, your wisdom and your vitality!

Through BREATH you listen to your own timing, through FOCUS you expand your awareness, through FEELING you open to your intuition, through MOVING you activate your commitment and through RELATING you build healthy relationships.

Ride the Wave guides you into generating energy through your entire body, building your confidence, and trusting your body's innate intelligence.

Ride the Wave is a dynamic, engaging, and playful experience that brings joy, aliveness and vitality into your whole body and your whole life!