Victoria GeVoian


Victoria GeVoian has been an author, lecturer of metaphysics for the last 30 years, owning a chain of metaphysical bookstores throughout southern California. She had also served 11 years as the Executive Director of the Joshua Tree Retreat Center and the Ding Le Mei Institute of Mentalphysics where she taught the unique breathwork developed by its founder. In addition, Victoria serves as a producer of the world-famous conference, Contact in the Desert now in its 6th year.


Tibetan Breath of Life: Energy, The Glands & Mysteries Of Its Origins

Develop creativity & focus with emphasis on the Endocrine System. Edwin John Dingle, known as Ding Le Mei to over 220,000 students worldwide, risked his life on a mapping expedition across China in the early 1900's to enter into Tibet. There he discovered the ancient mysteries of Asia and India. His revolutionary Breathwork, focusing on exercises
that activate, revitalize and balance the Nervous and Endocrine Systems and lungs, has now re-emerged in the 21st century (includes the Pineal Gland and development of creativity). To those who are seeking health, success and the elusive secret of remaining young and full of vigor, without coffee, the ORIGINAL 8 KEY SUPER YOGA BREATHS are
amazing yest simple breathing exercises that really change your life!