Danielle Karuna


A relatively new NYC transplant where she taught yoga for years and was named as one of the “Nicest Instructors in NYC,” Danielle is known for her insightful and intuitive teachings, healer’s touch, warm demeanor and loving energy. Danielle is an 800+ hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, a prenatal yoga teacher and the co-founder of Provita - a wellness company that delivers at- home and in-office personalized yoga & wellness sessions (www.provitaliving.com). As a master sequencer, Danielle creates customized class sequences based on student’s needs and aims at making the body and mind a healthier and more inhabitable place for each individual. She incorporates pranayama, yogic philosophy, Chinese Medicine and meditation into each of her classes. Danielle studied the Jivamukti Method directly with founders David Life and Sharon Gannon. Her thirst to continually grow as a teacher means she’s a forever student. For the last few years she has been studying the Katonah Yoga Method with founder Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin. She furthers her spiritual studies by practicing Mahayana Buddhism in the Dalai Lama’s Gelugpa linage under her holy teacher Hector Marcel.

She is also the co-creator of Open Ocean Sessions, which is hosted by Soho House NYC, a program that combines yoga asana, meditation and surfing to learn from the profound wisdom of the ocean. She also regularly teaches at Soho House Malibu. She has taught at large-scale music and yoga festivals and retreats around the US and the world. Danielle is a believer in the potent power of yoga to transform darkness into light, doubt into clarity, dissatisfaction into contentment and hate into love.


Name Options: The Warm-Up or Opening Ceremony:

This vinyasa style yoga sequence will open you up for the weekend so that your entire body feels good, your mind is settled and present and your heart is open. All levels welcome. Practice will include a grounding meditation.

Name Options: The Happy Hippy or Hips Don't Lie:

Sitting, standing, walking, dancing, everything affects our hips and can make them so tight! The goal of this yoga flow as we open up our center of creativity and sexuality is lightness and freedom of movement, as well as release of the unique emotional blockages often trapped in and around the pelvis and hips.

Name Options: Chakra Tune Up or Shine On You Crazy Diamond:

The mysteries of the energetic body go as deep as the spirit, as deep as the mysteries of life and death. The chakras are the wheels of subtle energy in the body that unite our physical, emotional, and thinking bodies. Each chakra relates to different organs, glands, and muscles in the body and correlates to different types of relationships in our lives. This class will be a chakra aligning yoga asana practice and meditation to clear and release accumulative negative energy and emotions stuck in the subtle bod

Name Options: Hangover Helper or The Morning After:

Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed with this flow yoga sequence that helps eliminates toxins from the body, aids in digestion and clears a foggy mind. In this well rounded practice we will twist our way into more physical comfort in the body then we'll chill out with some restorative poses. This is just what the doctor ordered! All levels welcome.