Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher.

After being initiated through a traumatic 'multi-death experience', where he saw all of his past lives and how they ended, Nandhiji, realized there was more to life than what he could see, feel, taste, touch and hear. He experienced a light so bright within himself that there was no denying an infinite Universal power, greater than a million burning suns. Having such a powerful encounter with Divinity, Nandhiji was inspired to offer his life to a higher calling. Through this deep inner yearning to realize his spiritual wholeness, Nandhiji awakened to his Life's Purpose.

With the direct guidance of realized Masters, the Siddha Gurus, a mystical lineage dating back thousands of years, Nandhiji continued his initiations through sacred pilgrimages to mountain shrines, caves and temples and his greatest teacher, the spiritual wilderness. With the spark of the Divine guiding his every step, his heart burned with passion and he continued to consecrate his devotion to a life long pursuit of Consciousness and inner Wisdom. He took on several austerities, fasting, yoga, meditation and solitude, only to realize that to serve humanity in the most humble of ways, was to be a householder and raise a family as an expression of 'consciousness in action' while as yogi, to unfold the dream and intent of consciousness for humanity.

The fruits of his journey are offered in Nandhiji's teachings, in his book, Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji's message is, "Awaken the inner lamp of wisdom and self-mastery, which has the power through JOY to birth Genius." Nandhiji envisions a humanity of 'Consciousness in Action' and a Planet Earth of Compassion through Yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

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Opening Circle Anugraha (Grace) Ceremony with Nandhiji

Light our inner fires to celebrate. Through awakening each chakra and climbing above with Mother Kundalini we bless ourselves, each other and humanity.

We set alight the blessings of One Love as each of us coming together as One.

Mastery of Consciousness Workshop: Practical yogic tips to glide through life!

The ultimate gift of a life time for a human is attainment of consciousness. In the attainment of consciousness, we determine the magnificence of realities for ourselves and we uplift humanity. Nandhiji shares stories and imparts several life changing tips from his book, Mastery of Consciousness that awaken each to be the Guru, the Master. Please bring a pen and paper to note the innumerous life changing tips you will receive through this workshop.

Preferable time: Afternoon- Saturday

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga: Mystic Yoga of the Siddhas

Nandhiji imparts the teachings of the mystic yogis, the Siddhas, through yoga for each to be the Yogi.

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga is a map to higher consciousness that awakens us to be the Yogi to break free of the limits of body, mind and circumstances. "Kalangi" means- wearing time as clothes, ie, to define time from our timelessness. Kundalini is states of consciousness to ride on. Kalangi Kundalini Yoga is the "software" applicable within yoga to attain the most important yogic objective- higher consciousness that enables us to be leaders, manifestors, intuitive, creative and a dynamo of energy with eagle like focus.

Preferable time: Sunset time- Saturday

Closing Circle Anugraha (Grace) Fire Ceremony with Babaji Baba Nataraj & Nandhiji & Elders of ONE LOVE

The Closing Sacred Fire Anugraha (Grace) Ceremony with Nandhiji is the accumulation, processing and carrying forward of all the experiences of One Love!

Nandhiji guides this inner journey of the mystic yogis as experiential teachings, Siddha mantras and the blessings for each to take home.

Embrace each other as the Ariven Flower of Life to be the blessings of Each.
As ONE LOVE, may our Circle uplift ourselves, each other and humanity!