S. Stephen Huntsman AKA Yes!


As the honored President and Co-Founder of L♡vEarth.com I am energized with heartfelt passion for Complete Loving Wellness for ALL!

Let's allow the Loving Conscious Light of the Meta~verse to shine its Non-dual Infinite potential in and as Us... AS ONE LOVE EXPERIENCED!

Certifications + Experiences:
Shri Kali Ashram India: Yoga Alliance Certification, Tantric Yoga, Ashtanga 8 Limbs, Tantra Body Walk-on massage, Qi-Gong, Wuji, Mantak Chia, Breath Empowerment, Food Based Healing~Detox, Coaching~Leadership

Master Of Ceremonies, Multi- Media Film-TV & Event- Conference- Festival Host- Spokesperson- Producer- Director- Promoter

40+ years of Worldwide studies & entrepreneurial experiences including India, China+HK, Korea, Europe, Africa, The Americas and Iceland

Officer trained Military Academy graduate
Olympian DNA: Son of USA Head Olympic Track & Field Athletics team Coach Stan Huntsman
Amanda Sage Collection Galactic Ambassador Tantra Yoga Spokesmodel


TriDosha Whole Body Balancing Asana Series Tantra Yoga

You are the spark of divinity. The TriDosha Balancing Asana Series is an integrative practice of the Traditional Tantra Yoga system taught at Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India. The asanas are gentle, yet firm and challenging, leading one to a practice beyond competition and physical appearance but into a meditative experience of one’s True Self. Kaula (Tantra) Yoga teaches subconscious relaxation. With regular practice you integrate this serenity into all day life and subsequently transcend to a wholesome perspective of yourself and your environment. As you develop a spiritual identity, you flow towards a loved fulfilled life and absolute personal freedom. Selfhood.