Samson Love


Samson Love is an Alchemist, Mystic, and Kundalini yoga instructor. His teaching is supported by dozens of modalities and a direct connection with spirit. He teaches divine context through the trifold connection with the true self. Yogi Bajhan is quoted saying, "If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all!" To witness grace and divinity within, between and all around us constitutes this all. Samson's teaching is a celebration... a reminder of our connection to and belief in the divine harmony of all that is.


with Samson Love and Autumn Turley
Human contact with ourselves, others, and existence as a whole is a big part of what nourishes our hearts and defines our lives. Kriya, in Sanskrit, means complete action. Often, Kriya yoga is referred to as a personal practice. When it is practiced in groups, people are still separately focusing on their own evolution and refinement. Contact Kriya is different, because we are guiding people to connect to themselves and others in a complete and integrated way. This synergy re-affirms our connection to and belief in the divine harmony of all that is. The class includes yoga, Contact Improvisation, and healing circles. Come with an open mind and heart, come as you are. Bridge Within welcomes you to Contact Kriya.