Samy Rose


Samy Rose is one of the co-founders of One Life Yoga. She is a free-spirited yoga teacher, healer, activist, philanthropists, vegan, lightworker, and dream-maker. She finds peace in creative expression, music, dance, nature, adventure, and of course, within. Her creative fire is further sparked through her time spent healing and facilitating self-love and connection through her company Glitter Vibe Tribe by raising awareness and taking action for great causes with environmentally-friendly glitter.


Everything is energy

This hour led by yoga teacher and healer Samy Rose takes us into a deeper understanding of our own infinite energy in moving meditation. A physical and metaphysical healing through the combination of yoga, sound, meditation, breath…with all the elements of ourselves. (Aromatherapy, some drums, vocal channeling, singing bowls, chimes, (intuitively created contingent on crowd and vibe). As we reconnect our bodies to minds we can release, reset, and renew. A loosening , stretching, and strengthening of bodies and minds so we can unclench our hearts and fists. Connecting our external release in movement to internal release of stillness. Release moves us to realization of anatomy as well as consciousness. A combination of power moves, deep stretches, breath and calm-- technique utilizing stretching and connecting, release and relaxation as a physical and metaphysical connection--with the support of those around you as we unveil the Light and strength within the lessons.